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Kelly by GodOfIrony Kelly :icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 3 5
A Mission Gone Wrong Pt. 5
Scant beams of sunlight peered through the loosely drawn curtains, waking me. One of the disadvantages of having your windows face the east was that you rose with the sun, like it or not. I got to my feet from my bed, groggy and sluggish, and made my way over to the crimson curtains. Drawing back the curtains completely, I was greeted with a lovely sight of the forest of Du Weldar Sila. The trees stretched for miles until meeting the horizon, no visible end in sight. Fog rolled gently along the contours of the grounds, giving the academy a serene and peaceful feeling, it looked as if the academy was in a cloud, with the eastern spire standing defiant against the sky. Today was already looking like it was going to be a good day.
I opened the drawers of my wardrobe looking for a fresh set of clothes for the day, finding a red tunic; I threw it on and accented it with a black leather vest along with some black cloth pants. Feeling adequately dressed, I made my way out of my wing, but not
:icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 0 0
Dead-Meat by GodOfIrony Dead-Meat :icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 18 6 Malak Face Study by GodOfIrony Malak Face Study :icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 1 3 Burn Dem by GodOfIrony Burn Dem :icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 26 14 Map of Markos by GodOfIrony Map of Markos :icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 30 23 Xerix Comission by GodOfIrony Xerix Comission :icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 12 5
A Mission Gone Wrong Pt. 4
A wind blew through the mouth of the cave as Sylus and I stared off into the distance. The sun was nearly setting. Sylus seemed to preoccupy himself with the movements of the forest below, while I gazed at the Academy. The marble white spires were always breathtaking, no matter how many times I saw them; they glistened with the sun, brilliantly illuminating the horizon.
They were a technical marvel of grand proportions, they were massive, each the size of a small city unto itself, with the largest being the one the Armedon lived in. These great spires were built over the course of previous Armedon's lives, all in the name of providing a safe haven for mages everywhere. All races lived within the spires, Dragon, Elf, Orc, Human; even a few Dwarves roamed the halls of the spires.
The academy was the great melting pot of the Markos continent, all were welcomed here, nobody was prejudiced… well, they weren't supposed to be. We had rules against racism, defying them meant banishment;
:icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 3 3
Machina by GodOfIrony Machina :icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 7 0
A Mission Gone Wrong Pt. 3
I rose to my feet from the tangled mess of blankets left from my eventful night. My father's skill of dream walking was something I couldn't even begin to comprehend. The complications, the magical energy it must take, it must be staggering. One of these days, I'd have to ask him how it was done; I'd love to have control of the void every night. Imagine the possibilities, the untapped techniques. No other mage as far as I could tell could gain control of the collective conscious of those that dream at night and walk among their thoughts, their very essence. Asking him would have to wait for things to cool down, for him to be less cross with me… Which reminded me, teaching was going to be god awful. I was reclusive by nature, I never cared for crowds, luckily, most of the classes at the academy were so intensive that only one teacher would care for no more than six or so students. The academy functioned as a family, although massive, most mages shared a kindred spirit. Of course, t
:icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 3 5
Malak and Sylus by GodOfIrony Malak and Sylus :icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 19 8
A Mission Gone Wrong Pt. 2
The dragon just stared at me for a few moments, teeth bared all the while. It took a step towards me… and then another… and another. When it finally stood a mere arm's length away from me it paused and stared directly into my eyes; I held my ground. For a few moments the air itself seemed to be on fire, this dragon was rife with irritation.
"Be angry all you want Sylus, I spied a lake down by the forest at the base of the mountain; I know what you've been doing while I kept you" I smirked.
The dragons face lightened and bore a more gentle expression, he then said, "As a future Armedon, I'd expect you to at least be punctual." He then laughed a guttural laugh and remarked, "But you do know me well Malak. Aye, while you were off being late, I did indeed enjoy a swim."
Sylus had been my friend since I was twelve; He worked and learned at the academy since he was just a hatchling. We basically grew up together. He was technically a drake, not a dragon; dragons were much larger an
:icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 1 15
A Mission Gone Wrong
   The sword crashed down mere inches from my face. I wouldn't be in this situation were it not for that damn watchman. Honestly, who just looks up for the hell of it? Forgive me; I seem to be getting ahead of myself. Let us first start with a name, I am Malak De Zule, Son of the Armedon. I work for my father and his academy known as the Three Spires. I wasn't anything special as far as appearances go, a thick build, lightly tanned skin, about six feet and three inches tall, shaggy brown hair with a slightly hooked nose and lucid green eyes. I was the son of the Armedon, the chief authority on all things magical in the world of Arkhas, It was my destiny to succeed him as the future Armedon of Arkhas, a lofty goal I'm not fond of thinking about. For now, it was my task to deal with academy business under the veil of shadow, much of what I did outside the academy was kept secret. And for good reason too, much of what I did could be considered unsavory work, but nonetheless had to be done
:icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 4 5
Artaileus' Transformation by GodOfIrony Artaileus' Transformation :icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 4 2 Wow, I really sucked by GodOfIrony Wow, I really sucked :icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 7 10 Twyro by GodOfIrony Twyro :icongodofirony:GodOfIrony 118 65


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